Types Of Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes are specifically developed for persons who are participating in sporting and other physical activities. These are generally different in style and build compared to other kinds of shoes. The athletic shoes are also be called joggers, running shoes, sand shoes, gym shoes, rubbers shoes, climbing shoes and more. They are usually worn for various sports activities such as golf, cricket, baseball, football, basketball, running or hockey. These shoes are made from flexible materials and usually have a sole created from a thick rubber.

A few of the popular styles of athletic shoes are:

Running shoes: These are comparable to sneakers and come with special focus on cushioning.

Climbing shoes: These are specifically made for rock climbing activities. They include a smooth sticky plastic sole with lengthy rubber band and are also safer for the feet.

Golf shoes: These are created specifically to provide better grip when on wet surface and grass. The soft-spikes which are available on this footwear include plastic material with prongs dispersed radially across the edge of every spike.

Skateboarding: These have flat bottoms for a much better grip on the skateboard. There is also an extra covering of padding to safeguard the feet.

Walking shoes: This type has an extra flexible sole compared to running styles. They are often much lighter and could include air holes to provide breathing space for the feet.

Cycling shoes: These are designed with plastic or metal cleat to support the pedals and also come with a stiff sole in order to increase the power moves.

Skating shoes: These are also referred to as skates, plus can be classified as Ice skates, Inline skates and Roller skates. Additionally there is a well-known model which in fact provides wheels designed into the sole.