Expensive Athletic Shoes For Kids – Should You Get Them?

Athletic shoes have become a billion dollar industry over the past three decades. They have gone from simple rubber bottomed sneakers to ultra high tech marvels of engineering that cost shoe companies tens of millions of dollars to develop.

One side effect of the ever growing technology driven athletic footwear market is the sky rocketing cost for each pair. It is most noticeable when we get our children new sports sneakers.

Nowadays it is not unusual for kids to have athletic shoes costing well over 100 dollars. This article sheds some light as to whether or not we should really buy our kids these expensive shoes.

The athletic shoe industry has exploded over the last few decades. Now more than ever we are faced with literally thousands of shoes for all kinds of sports. If your child has some track activities at school he has to wear track shoes. If your daughter is playing basketball she will need the latest pair from Nike.

Not only that, but during the past few years different shoes for the same sports have become increasingly common. A good example would be soccer which can be played both indoor and outdoor. If your fifth grader is playing on both locations he will need two types of shoes! Running shoes come also in varieties all suited for different surfaces.

A very big predicament among parents is that to keep up with their children’s growth they’ll be buying shoes as often as every quarter! This suddenly makes the cost of multiple athletic shoes for your child a huge burden. Imagine unloading 200 to 400 dollars every three months for your kids’ shoes alone.

Of course we all know that your child can live without these shoes. But in keeping up with the Joneses you can’t help but give your child the best. The littlest edge is all that it takes for your kid to outperform another kid in sports.

So should you invest in this ever growing cost of athletic foot wear for your child? Fortunately there is a way to compromise both cost and your kid’s performance in sports.

What parents should do is to invest slowly as their kids grows with their chosen sports. A good example would be to buy a cheaper or value based shoes when your kids are still starting out their new sport. This is good because as many mothers know their children can go in and get out of their chosen sports anytime.

What might be even better is to borrow old shoes from their siblings or cousins when they get into a new sport. If they begin to really get into the sport then you should begin buying them their own shoes.

As they accomplish more and more in their respective sports you can begin investing in shoes that give an edge. It is very important to let them feel that new shoes are rewards and not necessary privileges they have the right into acquiring.

This gives them an incentive to perform well while preventing them from getting spoiled. Also reinforce them so that they do not think that shoes are the main ingredient to their success in athletics.

To close remember to start your children with the cheapest shoes you can acquire. Make them feel that their success in their sports do not rest in what they wear on their feet but instead lie in hard work and practice. But as they grow deeper into their sport, reward them increasingly with new gear. This is for them to develop their self esteem as well as their motivation.